Posted by: Pierce Hacking | February 16, 2013


*Someone whose eyes are captivating and whose eyes leave you unable to look away.”

I’m spellbound each time I look in your eyes.
With every glance my butterflies rise.
I become transfixed when I lock your gaze.
Your glowing iris leaves me in a daze.
I feel like you see through my very soul.
When I see you I feel perfectly whole.
I feel blest to see your eyes’ perfect hue.
You’ve had me since I first laid eyes on you.
Your eyes shine brighter than the beaming sea.
You make my heart stop when you look through me.
Your hypnotizing eyes leave me entranced.
My heart has lost control each time you’ve glanced.
Your shining eyes control my beating heart.
Disfavor in them would tear it apart.


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