Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 28, 2016


*Someone you can’t really describe because the things you would write aren’t enough. You write when you don’t feel anything real but she’s worth everything to you. You’d write meaningless things but now there’s actually someone who fits the descriptions when there wasn’t before.*

I laugh each time I stare at these pages,

Descriptions of love that never ages.

Empty words coming from a broken shell,

Left torn and tattered in a private hell.

I laugh because those words don’t matter now.

You saved me from that suffering somehow,

When the words were meaningless and hollow,

When in real life I would only wallow.

I would write words of love but feel depressed,

From feelings I never really possessed.

My whole universe changed when I met you.

I met someone worth the hell I’ve gone through,

Someone more than I could ever dream of,

Someone worthy of an undying love.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 23, 2016

All That Remains

*Someone who completes you. Someone you never want to be without. You’re fully committed to them.”


When you’re not around I’m fractured in two.

All day and all night, all I want is you.

I can’t stand the short time we spend apart.

You own every single piece of my heart.

Each passing hour feels like a full day,

And you leave me here wishing you could stay,

Here in my arms forever and ever.

Together in ways no one could sever.

You hold my heart in the palm of your hand.

You control my soul with every command.

You’re part of me like the blood in my veins.

When you leave, a shell is all that remains.

I’m empty without your presence near me.

You’re the only worthy fish in the sea.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 15, 2016

Under Your Thumb

*Someone so great you’re left spellbound. You’re better for caring about them. It’s hard to describe how they make you feel but it’s the best feeling in the world. They make you better and make you want to put effort into caring about them.*

It feels like I’m stuck between time and space.

The room’s spinning as my heart starts to race.

I’m starting to lose sight of what is real.

I only know the ways you make me feel.

My existence is on another plane,

One with endless pleasure and no more pain.

I feel perfect as I sit still and numb,

Just letting myself slide under your thumb.

When I look to the skies I see my heart.

You’ve turned my soul into a work of art,

A masterpiece truly worthy of you,

A goddess perfect in all that you do.

When I’m in these moods you’re all I think of.

Somebody so perfect I want to love.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 12, 2016


*About someone who acts like they don’t feel the same way. Wondering why they like to torture you when they know what you want. When you look at them the connection is there despite being pointless. You want to force a change in destiny and be together.*

I see your reflection in the crystal.

Pure calmness in the sights of a pistol.

Waiting for a bullet to pierce my skull,

As my feelings for you are simply null.

They slowly shatter like pieces of quartz,

With unlimited reflections of sorts.

I feel the cold barrel in your finger,

Wondering why you still let me linger.

Do you like seeing this fractured mirror?

What remains as my thoughts become clearer.

I feel helpless in the palms of your hands.

Like a tumbleweed drifting in the sands.

When we lock eyes I already know fate.

I’ll cut the threads and make you my soulmate.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 12, 2016


*About someone you’ve had an interest in for a while who never really seemed to notice or care and then suddenly reversed course. You want to know what caused it because it feels so random despite how much you want it. You think it could work out.*

What happened to make you suddenly change,

To give me butterflies that feel so strange.

I’m captivated when I see your face.

Such beauty I don’t want to stop the chase.

But how could I get such a perfect catch?

What makes you think that we’ve become a match?

You never even noticed me for days,

What caused you to change in so many ways?

Are things in one piece within your own head?

I want to know what future lies ahead.

Will you be the one to set my heart free?

Out of nowhere you’ve seemed to fall for me.

I just want to know what pulled your trigger,

Because for us the plan just seems bigger.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 10, 2016

Promised Land

*I saw a quote about how sometimes people need you to be the arms, not just a shoulder to cry on. This is based on that. Promising you’ll make someone scarred whole again. You’ll never leave, just take them where they deserve to be.*

I just love the thought of you in my arms,

Being more than a shoulder to cry on,

Being more to you than my words and charms.

I want you to see I’ll never be gone,

That no matter what I’ll be here to stay,

Here each time you need to call upon me,

Here to make all your troubles go away.

While your heart is the lock I’ll be your key.

With words I’ll melt away your hardened steel.

With actions I will make you love once more.

I’ll make you remember just how to feel.

Our love will be too much to ignore.

All I ask is for you to hold my hand,

Look into me and see the promised land.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 7, 2016


*Someone so great they aren’t a dreamgirl, you literally have dreams about being with them.*

In each cold night I see you in my sleep.

As beautiful as you are in the days.

I’m left wondering if I’m in too deep,

Too invested in this infectious daze.

During the day you’re all I can think of,

But you take ahold of me in the night.

I don’t know if this could really be love.

I just want to bask in your glowing light.

Perfection that makes me long for my dreams.

The only time that we’re truly as one,

Where reality isn’t what it seems,

Where our passion burns brighter than the sun.

I want these dreams to finally be real.

Your love’s the only one I want to steal.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 3, 2016


*someone captivating that you’re crazy about. A real dreamgirl who leaves you speechless.*

When I shut my eyes you’re all that I see.

Even when I sleep I can’t look away.

I lose myself each time you look at me.

You are the huntress and I am the prey,

Made helpless every time that we lock eyes,

Like other victims you’ve left in your wake.

In your presence I meet my own demise,

Because just seeing you makes my heart quake.

I’m spellbound when I see your pretty face,

Mesmerized by your doe-like eyes and smile,

Awestruck by your endless beauty and grace.

In my eyes you’re the only one worthwhile.

With you life isn’t as bad as it seems.

With you each moment feels ripped from my dreams.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | April 1, 2016


*Wanting someone and not feeling like you could deserve them. Not because of you, but because you couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose them.*

With each passing breath I fall to despair,

Listening to the silence around me,

Wondering how I’ll make this last repair,

How I’ll unlink the last chain and be free.

Beauty such as yours is truly divine.

But your spirit is what completes my soul.

I’d do anything to say that you’re mine,

But how could I deserve to feel so whole?

It isn’t that my head is full of doubt.

I don’t even question what I deserve.

It’s if I could handle us burning out.

If I could handle losing every curve.

When I hold you I want to keep my grips.

I don’t want to lose the taste of your lips.

Posted by: Pierce Hacking | March 7, 2016

King of Hearts

*About someone you aren’t with who makes you feel perfect. You’re crazy about them because they’re perfect to you. The ace of spades is usually the trump card in a deck of cards, and she holds that power over you. The suicide king is another name for the king of hearts in a deck of cards. You want the feelings to continue and spread to her.


Maybe I’ve become the suicide king.

Torn between emotions of love and pain,

Feelings of bliss that still manage to sting.

Though with you here I’ll continue my reign.

You are the diamond I’m fixated on,

The essence of radiance that I love.

The one who could make me feel like a pawn,

On a chessboard played by angels above.

But even angels can’t compare to you.

Beauty as mighty as the ace of spades,

That ignites feelings I know to be true.

With you my emotion always cascades.

Your beauty sets me free and keeps me bound.

In this catharsis I want to be drowned.

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